Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Reason Why The Philippines Is Not Progressing

Alan Peter Cayetano, a representative from Taguig-Pateros alleged Jose Miguel Arroyo, the husband of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of improper conduct by having a bank account and investments in another country hence the House panel hearing.

This shows that Filipino politicians are just a bunch of idiot monkeys. I apologized for insulting the monkeys.

The hearing is one big charade, an absolute nonsense and a waste of the taxpayers’ money. Just like any other investigation in the Philippines, it will not amount to anything.

First, the accusation is down right slanderous especially when there is no evidence. Arroyo should have filed a countersuit for slander in a civil court, and not at the taxpayers’ expense.

Second, the members of the House Committee on Ethics are stupid for giving the accusation merit and holding a hearing when there is no proof.

Arroyo is also stupid by giving the accusation merit by replying. If Arroyo did obtain a large amount of money by questionable means and was able to transfer it to another country, then the people responsible for safeguarding the country from such crime especially at the highest level failed. It is too late at this point already.

The current hearing will not result in anything. And additional long-drawn out hearings that will soon follow will not result in anything too. They would just waste the country’s money. If there is one thing that Filipino government officials can do well is to always come to an inconclusive conclusion.

Filipino government officials as always are hard at work for their personal gain. Instead of formulating initiatives and passing laws to improve the country, the law-makers are accusing each other and arguing about the money that might have possibly been stolen from the country’s treasury. The country's treasury should have been inaccessible and untouchable in the first place. It seems like that no one can prevent a plunder but they are more willing to accuse and argue with each other once the plunder has occured. The money is unrecoverable once it is taken out of the country and deposited in a personal account. This is a clear example of both government corruption and absolute incompentency of government officials working hand-in-hand. It's a lose-lose situation for the country and its people. It's no wonder why the country does not improve.

Winners: Arroyo – personal gain, fat pocket; Cayetano – political points, extended political career; Germany – using Philippines money for investments, earning interest; House Committee on Ethics – political grandstanding.

Losers: The Philippines, the Filipino people.

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