Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shame on the Philippine media

The Philippine media are proving themselves to be just as incompetent as the politicians that rule the country. With the upcoming legislative election, they are pandering to the politicians. They are not making inquiries and certainly not writing about the lack of platform from the political parties. They write and report about the politicians switching parties and the new alliances. These are irrelevant issues. In fact, they do not have anything to do with the serious issues affecting the country. They will not improve the Philippines.

Even worse, up to now they are still covering Imelda Marcos and Erap Estrada. They are the Philippines’ public enemy #1 and #2. Imelda Marcos is a pathological liar, delusional, and a convicted criminal for crimes against the Philippines. Erap Estrada is an imbecile, guilty of impersonating a third-rate actor, and just like Imelda Marcos, a convicted criminal for crimes against the country. They should have been executed or the very least locked up forever in prison along time ago. But for some reason that is truly unique in the Philippine culture, they managed to make a mockery of the judicial system setting them free and allowing them to live in comfort. Where is the justice! Up to now, they still have a voice, and the media is giving them that opportunity. Shame on you! Mahiya naman kayo. Talaga bang wala na kayong mga isip at hanggang ngayon ay binibigyan pa ninyo ng halaga ang mga kriminal ng bansa. You have the power and the opportunity to make a difference for the Philippines. Please take that responsibility and use your power not just to change but truly improve the country. It is your choice. You can make a big difference for the country or you can continue to be used by the politicians for their personal gain. It is up to you to hold the politicians accountable and be the voice for the people. The power is in your hands. How will you use that power?

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