Monday, February 5, 2007

Another Reason Why the Philippines Is Not Progressing, No 2

The international community has now expressed concerns in the so called ‘extrajudicial killings by the so called ‘death squads’ in the Philippines. Because the foreigners - local concerns would not have mattered - are now involved, Arroyo will most likely take actions. Investigations will soon follow. But just like anything else in the Philippines, the investigations will not result in anything. It will not be surprising for the investigations to come to an inconclusive conclusion. They will make a mockery of the court.

This is the Philippines so it’s not difficult to figure out what’s going on. It’s quite lucent to see through all the layers of events since the victims are all political activists and their sympathizers. There is no need for an investigation at all. It will be a waste of time and money but the politicians will waste them anyway. It will be a circus of political grandstanding as they try to come across as ‘intellectuals’ making points and arguments in broken English. It’s quite a vomit-inducing, mind-numbing spectacle!

Most Filipino politicians butcher the English language. They will try to speak in English when they do not have the command of the language at all. They misspeak or outright misuse words resulting in gibberish comments that the media will print. As a result, the media will then be accused of misquoting or misrepresenting a particular statement of a politician resulting in another media circus of just trying to explain a misquoted statement that should not have been said and printed in the first place.
Truly idiotic!

The victims are political activists so who’s best interest is it for them to be eliminated? The only and obvious answer would be the corrupt politicians. They certainly have the motive and the means. They have the most to gain or not lose by getting rid of the persons making noise about them. The politicians were most likely about to be exposed for their crooked dealings therefore they needed to eliminate the threats. And since this is the Philippines, it would be very easy to order somebody to do the dirty deeds by calling out any person for his unpaid debt of gratitude, utang na loob. From the president to the ranks of the top government officials to the armed forces all the way down to the poorest farmer in the province, there are many unpaid personal debts that can be called upon anytime. Any high ranking government official, let’s say a senator, is probably owed many personal favors – debts of gratitude – within the ranks of the military. The unpaid dues are in return for favors ranging from promotions, money, or just being honored as the sponsor or ninong for a son’s or daughter’s wedding. It would not be unusual for someone in power or just in an advantageous position to have this kind of relationship with a subordinate or one in a lesser position. It’s a mutual donor-benefactor relationship. And once the favor is returned, it not only strengthens the bond but it also endlessly perpetuates the exchange of favors. Both persons involved help preserve each other in his respective position as each one continue to gain personally – incidentally, nothing for the Philippines or its people. The partnership is casual and simple but binding and very intimate, forging unwavering loyalty to each other – not to the country. It is also very efficient and quite effective for getting things accomplished. But unfortunately for the Philippines, only the participants benefit.

An arrangement to eliminate those political activists would go something like this:

Senator: General, kumusta na ang mga inaanak ko sa kasal? Kailan ka ba nila bibigyan ng apo? (General, how are the newly weds that I sponsored? When are they going to give you a grandchild?)

General: O Senator, may plano pa lang. Pero siguradong isa sa ma-uuna na makaka-alam ang kanilang ma-alalahanin at mabigayin na ninong. (Senator, I think they are just planning. But I’m very sure that their thoughtful and extremely generous god-father will be one of the first to know.)

Senator: Mabanggit ko nga, may mga ma-i-ngay yata sa lugar mo o malapit sa kampo mo? (By the way, I think some people are making a lot of noise in your area or somewhere near you.)

General: Pabayaan mo Senator, ako mismo ang mag-aasikaso no-on. Ma-areglado ka-agad. (Let them be Senator. I will personally handle it. It will be taking care of in no time.)

Easily, the order to eliminate political activists is issued and accepted in a very casual conversation. Corruption continues. The suffering the Philippines continues too.

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